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Welcome to the Ramsey A Cappella Festival!

We are so excited you've joined us for an evening of outstanding A Cappella music! Everything you hear tonight will be completely produced by the voices of the performers.

The Ensembles


Reverb is Howell High School's "freshman" team, led by two upper class captains! These rookies practice once per week learning how to be a team and sing their hearts out. They are looking forward to their first Howell High School Aca-Holiday Season and are thrilled to be sharing the stage with so many talented groups! Reverb's most important mission (and they have chosen to accept it) is to show the world that the future of a cappella is very bright!

The Ramsey Blues

The Ramsey Blues represents one of the two competitive extracurricular a cappella groups at Ramsey High School. The group is new for the 2022-23 school year and has grown significantly over the year. The group is comprised of students both in and outside of the RHS Chorus Program


Rebelation? More like Rebel-SLAY-tion!! These talented individuals are from Howell High School in Farmingdale, N.J. The group consists of people from the humanities program, the marching band, and the performing arts magnet program. Some of them are even athletes! They are a very diverse group and are here to rock your socks off. Please help them begin that process now by removing one of your socks. Enjoy the show!

Rebel Remix

Rebel Remix is the varsity a cappella group at Howell High school and rehearses once per week. Their unique arrangement of the national anthem is requested by various events throughout New Jersey, often more than 50 times each year. They join their junior varsity and freshman teams during the winter season to spread holiday cheer on and off campus. Although their main goals are to further space exploration and the development of fruit loops as a main source of automotive fuel, they maintain a side interest of giving back to people who serve their community and to those in need. Rebel Remix forever!

The Ram Jams

The Ram Jams hail from Ramsey High School where they represent one of the two extracurricular competitive a cappella groups in the RHS Choral program. Although they were only formed in 2016, the group has enjoyed a lot of success over the past few years and can often be found performing at a variety of events in the North Jersey area. Be on the lookout for their new EP "Home Where I Belong" streaming soon! The Ram Jams have been ICHSA National Finalists and Mid-Atlantic Champions in 2021 and 2022. Last weekend they continued this trend, being named the 2023 ICHSA Mid-Atlantic Champions and National Finalists for the third time in a row. On April 28th they will compete against the other Finalists for a chance to be named ICHSA National Champion.

We're going back to Finals!

The Ram Jams need your help!

For the third year in a row, The Ram Jams have been crowned Mid-Atlantic Champions and advanced to the National Finals of the International Championship of High School A Cappella. On April 28th they will perform at The Town Hall with the other National Finalists for a chance to be crowned ICHSA National Champion. These students have worked exceptionally hard to get to this point and have endured many hours of rehearsals and performances to prepare them for this moment.

Travel to New York for the Finals weekend is an expensive venture, so we are running this fund drive to help with expenses related to travel, lodging, rehearsal spaces, and expenses in New York from April 27th - April 29th.

All donations will go to the RHS Chorus Parent Association (a registered 501c3 non-profit) to assist with this experience for our students.



April 1st, 2023


Ramsey Blues


The Ram Jams & Ramsey Blues


Rebel Remix

The Ram Jams

Thank You for coming!

We hope you enjoyed the performances of tonight's groups. Thank you for your support of these outstanding students!

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