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Learn more about our ensembles here at Ramsey High School

Ramsey High School Chorus

The Ramsey High School chorus is a curricular class that any RHS student is able to participate in. The chorus class is the hub of all vocal music at Ramsey High School. The RHS Chorus performs in multiple concerts throughout the year both inside and outside of school, and often travels during the spring. The RHS chorus does not require an audition but is a requirement for students interested in participating in The Ram Jams.

The Ram Jams

The Ram Jams are an extracurricular competitive A Cappella group that meets in the evenings. The ensemble participates in multiple performances throughout North Jersey and the Ramsey Community. The group performs both classical and contemporary selections. Membership is selective and is by audition only at the beginning of the year. Only members of the RHS chorus may audition to be members of The Ram Jams

The Ramsey Blues

The Ramsey Blues are the newest ensemble in the RHS Chorus program. The group was established in 2021 as a result of the rising interest in the A Cappella program at Ramsey HS. Ramsey Blues is an auditioned A Cappella group that is open to all students at RHS.

Ramsey Singers (retired)

Ramsey Singers was an extracurricular A Cappella group from 2016-2022

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